Customer Testimonials

To say I exhausted every known avenue when trying to sell my diamond is an understatement.  For over a year and a half, I visited countless jewelers and posted “for sale” ads on Craigslist around every major “engagement” holiday with no success.  I knew exactly what my stone was worth wholesale and I also knew what it would sell for retail so the offers I received from jewelers were insulting. Craigslist was even more irritating. On almost a weekly basis, I drove around Rochester, following lead after unsuccessful lead.As irony would have it, I was beginning to lose interest in selling my diamond when I received a call from Annie.
Something seemed different about her inquiry, and while I was jaded from my numerous negative experiences, it was hard not to notice that Annie was more knowledgeable, more professional, and just plain nicer that any jeweler or Craigslister I spoke with over the past year and a half.

My first meeting with Matt and Annie was educational to say the least.  They were more than happy to answer my various questions regarding their business and in fact, encouraged my curiosity about their process.

Matt graded the stones quality on site and offered me cash right on the spot.  His offer was not only fair, but well above what any jeweler had offered.  Sensing that I still wanted more for my stone, Matt and Annie suggested
that I send the diamond to auction.  Quite honestly, at first, I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that option.  I mean, this was one of the biggest purchases of my life and I was expected to trust it to strangers I just met for the first time???? Despite my initial skepticism, Matt and Annie were very warm and understanding.  I really feel like they knew how sensitive a decision this was and didn’t pressure me at all.

About a week later, we met again and I decided to take my diamond to auction.  Matt explained the process in detail and provided me with all the necessary paper work. Staying true to their word, Annie contacted me weekly to keep me posted on the intricacies of the process as well as field any questions I had.

Finally, about a month later, after a year and a half of unsuccessful attempts to sell my diamond I received a call from Annie who gave me the good news I had been hoping for. Not only did my diamond sell at auction, but it sold well above what I ever thought it would. When I met with Annie and Matt to finalize the transaction, it was apparent that they were legitimately happy for me and how successful the auction went. There is no doubt in my mind that working with MJ Gabel brought me the biggest return on my investment.

-Steve K., Rochester NY

Read Steve K.’s full Testimonial by clicking here

What a great experience working with MJ Gabel. I am located in Las Vegas Nevada, and was introduced to MJ Gabel by a friend who had used them before. I was very uneasy and skeptical about sending my diamond half way across the US, but I had nothing to lose.They had educated me, and gave me a few options for my diamond ring. I had chosen the Auction Service as I had thought that would bring me the best results. They had removed my diamond from the setting, sent the setting
back to me, and prepared my diamond for auction. I was kept up to date the entire time. Not too long after I had received word that we had offers on my diamond. I was very pleased with the offer, and gladly accepted. A few days later I received my check in the mail for my diamond. Easy, Painless, and very helpful. A great experience dealing with MJ Gabel.

I will for sure recommend them in the future and plan on doing business with them again. Thanks guys!

– J. Newberg, Las Vegas NV.

For me, the decision to sell my old engagement ring was a necessary, but painful one. I had spent weeks with an upset stomach thinking of when it would sell and finally be out of my hands! It was difficult enough that when I first took the ring to a local jeweler, he told me everything that was wrong with the diamond I once could not take my eyes off, but to then offer me not even 5% of what the ring was bought for was just insulting! My next avenue was Craigslist. While I avoided meeting potential stalkers and creeps in dark parking lots, and opted for bright lit coffee places, still no luck. Either I felt like I was back in college getting stood up on a blind date that never showed, people wanted to make “payments” on the ring, or wanted to trade it for a Xbox.Shortly after I listed the ring again, Annie and Matt from MJ Gabel contacted me. They stated who they were, what their business was, and offered me complete transparency when it came to them buying my diamond. They
initially educated me over the phone about my stone, and they way diamonds were graded, as well as gave me some numbers on what I could expect to sell it for to them. I agreed immediately to meet at our local Starbucks, and was finally NOT disappointed! Again, complete transparency throughout our interaction, education the whole way, and respect for my diamond and me! I was more than happy with their offer, and accepted it without hesitation. The whole transaction took no more than a hot cup of coffee and 30 minutes!

Anytime I hear that someone has a diamond they need to not have anymore I send them DIRECTY to MJ Gabel! Hopefully I will never be in the position to have to sell a diamond again, but if I am, I know exactly where to turn.

– R. Halverson, Buffalo, NY

When describing MJ Gabel, I would us the phrase added value. Their services and organization is second to none.MJ Gabel believes in a higher standard and great customer service. It was a pleasure working with them and refreshing given my experiences with others in the industry.

– Paul M., Springfield IL

Anne, I would like to thank you and your team for making the sale of my diamond such a relaxing experience. Also I think it would be helpful for other people that are trying to sell adiamond and feel uncertain about using your company to hear a successstory.At first when I told my familyabout my decision to ship my diamond to someone I had never seen face to faceand only spoke with on the phone they thought I was crazy. I assured them thatafter exhausting all other channels to sell my stone I was ready to take thechance and see if your company was able to do what you told me they were. Ishipped my stone off to you and from the time you received the stone until thetime I received the check you kept me in the loop every step of the way.

In the end I was able toreceive the amount I had in my head that I wanted for the stone and had a checkin hand within a few days of auction end.

Again I appreciate all youwere able to do for me and hope that others will be able to have moreconfidence in using your company from this testimonial.

All the best.

– Olivia P., Albany NY

I would like to thank your company for the high level of customer service provided to me during the process of selling the ring.I was skeptical at first, but was impressed with the rapid e-mail and phone call updates with sending/selling the my engagement ring through MJ Gabel.  The ring sold at auction about a month ago and I was able to receive more than I was thinking possible.   In fact, I calculated that my return was just above 60 percent return on my original purchase which is well above normal.

Thank you very much.

– Stephen L., Huntsville AL


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