Selling your Diamond Ring

Selling your diamond

At the forefront of MJ Gabel is our ability to purchase diamonds from the public at a fair market price based on the diamond you have. Our standing within the diamond industry, ability to appropriately grade your diamond, and the worth we see in you as the consumer allows us this advantage.

Whether your diamond is loose or mounted in a setting, all diamonds are received and viewed by our specialists who are trained in GIA standard grading techniques. Any certifications that have accompanied the diamond are also taken into consideration. Following our evaluation process, a purchase offer is made to the customer based on current market prices of diamonds of the same caliber.

There is NO OBLIGATION for the customer once a purchase offer has been made. It is important to weigh all available options when selling your diamond, and MJ Gabel can help make those options clearer.

Our diamond specialists are available via phone conversation, or email anytime for a swift response!


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